The guy withdrew from his family’s real life empire after the really general public dissolution of his connection

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Rob Kardashian provides kept out of the spotlight of his family members’ real life tv show kingdom since that time their connection with Blac Chyna melted lower for us all to look at in realtime. Afterwards, he walked away through the cams and made a decision to hold their lifestyle exclusive.

Today, there’s news he might be paired with an actuality celebrity — at the least in accordance with Wendy Williams during the preceding movie, this is certainly. Rumor has it that Kardashian and appreciation and rap Atlanta superstar Tommie Lee started matchmaking. The proposed partners is not Instagram authoritative or things since really serious as that, but hearsay have sufficient vapor that Williams features talked about about all of them on the program this week. Williams had been wanting to alert Kardashian far from his possible new appreciate.

Today Lee is actually mad at Williams and lashing on at the woman on social media marketing. Who is Tommie Lee and is she really dating Rob Kardashian?

1. Who is Tommie Lee?

Firstly Tommie Lee isn’t Tommy Lee, the drummer for Motley Crue. This Tommie Lee was a promoter who was simply included on a number of periods of really love and hiphop Atlanta. Her provided name is Atasha Chizzaah Jefferson and she initially turned up on the fact show in month five when she had been online dating rap artist Scrapp DeLeon. She stuck available for several most times and put enough drama on the tv series, perhaps not the smallest amount of that had been considering the lady continuous alcoholism.

Lee was concerning like and Hip Hop.

2. Tommie Lee provides quite the array of mug shots.

In addition to the girl are a tunes promoter and reality show superstar, Lee enjoys very a history of criminal task. This lady has allegedly become arrested at least once a-year. The girl previous charges can consist of forgery, fraudulence, travel without a license, battery, and shoplifting. She even has accurate documentation for hijacking a bus (this lady has never ever elaborated throughout the information on that story). She had gotten most interest in when she was arrested on the basis of their daughter’s school for showing up inebriated and fighting this lady center school-aged daughter. She reduce a package in her own youngsters cruelty instance and avoided prison, offered she stays away from troubles for the following ten years.

3. just what provides Rob Kardashian started as much as?

Kardashian features stayed out from the public eyes for since, only showing up sporadically at family members happenings. with Blac Chyna after their particular girl fancy came to be. The onetime pair got it out in general public with a string of cheat accusations, punishment accusations, as well as some payback porn.

Besides potentially feeling burned up because of the spotlight, escort movie Kardashian enjoys battled significant despair in the past. That, coupled with body weight dilemmas have actually allegedly generated him loathe to take a public character once again.

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4. Are Rob Kardashian and Tommie Lee online dating?

The most recent internet hearsay declare that Lee and Kardashian is linked romantically but there’sno proof of this that people will get. No Instagram opinions, no tweets, no pictures of these two of them aside at happenings. All we now have is actually various web sites that state one thing is occurring but no evidence of a relationship.

5. how much does Wendy Williams pertain to all this?

Williams decided to manage the hearsay and shed some suggestions about Kardashian through the group of this lady tv show — see the movie over. “pay attention, Rob, all i’m saying was, you got doing much better within choices in life. Be it company, private, group or whatever,” she stated. “Tommie Lee, and that I don’t know, all Im saying was — you probably know how occasionally you ruin in daily life and you can fare better? Possibly she actually is carrying out much better in daily life, and she’s delivered herself a lot more of a significantly better lady to Rob.”

Lee would not take kindly to Williams’ phrase and fired back once again on social media marketing. In a now-expired Instagram facts, Lee authored, “Wendy i shall roast yo ass all the way back again to ya supplier bitchh you are DOA once I finish ya relax sis! Dog face bitch!”

In another blog post she penned, “We challenge Wendy Williams to a roast period! Nothing off limits why don’t we Gooo hoe.”

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