So past thrilled. Rob and that I had been looking at the tour dates another nights whilst.

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All of our non-traditional admiration facts

Phoning all LDR Over 35

I just joined an LDR team on FB right after which easily knew it actually was generally occupied by young families plus singles! Like WTF. Anyhow a few united states decided to develop a fresh group… Most

Prepping for Their Go To

I’ve started checking down the months, weeks and now days till Rob gets right here therefore is finally at TWO. I’ve been acquiring facts prepared at your home like cleansing, grocery shopping and making the reservations… More


video communicating so there comprise several options close by to choose from. To my wonder the guy ordered them… A Lot More

Like to start with hashtag

Have you met some one and experienced an immediate relationship? Ever sensed it BEFORE you satisfied? I know, crazy appropriate?? But how will you clarify what happened to you?

The existing saying “Love will discover you whenever you minimum anticipate they” is far more real than you imagine. Therefore doesn’t drift around softly on the breeze…it storms in and screams within face! They requires that see it and answer. It is going to shake your, it will scare you, it is going to challenge all you think, and it’ll anticipate of you. But, if it occurs, it is going to awaken everything in your that you as soon as considered was dead and it will generate inside you an intention you never ever understood you necessary.

So let’s began at beginning….back whenever “Rob&Jen” was just Rob and Jen. I was stuck in a sexless, loveless, unhappy, marraige of 16 ages with a narcissistic and controlling spouse. I experienced achieved a great deal lbs to attempt to create myself personally invisible that I became more than 300 lbs (and veeerry visable!). I found myself fundamentally would love to die. I’d certain myself personally that I became unloveable, unwanted and unimportant. You are sure that if you are trapped in a terrible circumstance while imagine you’re alone and no people otherwise could possibly understand you? That’s where I found myself at.

Quick toward late summer time. I’d joined up with Instagram earlier in the day in the year for weightloss support as I at long last have my personal “AhHa minute” and began to capture living straight back. I experienced linked to the group of people in similar conditions plus it to be real like my lifeline. There was actually one in particular that I was only straight away drawn to. He was handsome, funny as hell, and sweet in my opinion. He performedn’t learn how broken I was, the guy only watched this pretty female and enjoyed the girl. And oh, did we point out we stay 8 several hours out?? Yeah, there’s that!!

Really we rapidly begun “following” each other and exchanging flirty, lighthearted banter. I became thus head over mends for your but performedn’t know actually how he noticed. Next arrived the post no crush really wants to see….the “i might end up being getting a break” blog post. WHAAAATTT?? OMG, NOOO!! We attained over to your, acknowledge I became here if the guy recommended a buddy. We chatted in which he wound up perhaps not having that break (YAAAAY!)

Moving on to…I became getting ready to just take a secondary with my teenagers and “husband” to Florida that was billed as a reconnection travels. I know better, I realized after that that just explanation I was supposed was to offer my kids a Disney vacation. Upsetting, I’m sure, but genuine. Rob messaged me to desire me personally a secure journey so we ended up creating an 8 hour text discussion while we stuffed! We decrease crazy around hr 3 (although we both declare we understood we treasured each other a long time before that). So many facts had been disclosed that night…so most unfortunate similarities relating to our lives and marriages. I’d receive my soulmate.

My holiday had been 11 days longer and Rob and I also texted nearly the complete energy! You realize that every consuming feeling obtain if you’re falling crazy?? We had that period 10! In fact, time 1 into that excursion we told both we enjoyed each other. Plus it ended up being more real, true, pure love either people got ever before felt. It’s incredible exactly how transformative appreciation are.

So…..that’s just the beginning of the incredible tale we phone our life. This blog was my means of revealing that facts, of making this breathtaking narrative of our lives having permanently plus showing everyone that long distance relations just work…but can prosper and get the most wonderful passion for your daily life. ?

Our very own xmas Month (with a-twist)

Many thanks with the usa Postal Service as well as the Frank Turner using the internet merch store for giving us a whole thirty days to celebrate xmas instead of just someday! Being in a LDR need you to depend on the inept post office to assist united states hook this annoys me personally considerably! Typically itsn’t a challenge (except the time Rob delivered myself his coveted sweats that I happened to be asking for and additionally they emerged wet in motor oils).

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