I found myself stationed at Wright Patterson and residing base construction at Page Manor off Col Glen Hwy,

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due to the fact post pointed out snow got melting temp was a student in the 50’s,in those times there is no elements station or social media marketing therefore we heard bout it on the day,my girlfriend selected myself upwards after work and informed me we need to go right to the comissary for ingredients it actually was bumper to bumper carts inside and outside,my dad called from Indiana and stated it is poor and going your way,it started raining and had been minor in the evening,then the temps dropped rapidly freezing rain,sleet,then the accumulated snow in addition to wind came,it ended up being thus cold stayed below 0 for 2 months,Col Glen Hwy had not been open for 3 era then it absolutely was like creating thru a tunnel,i shall never forget the blizzard of 1978

Many thanks for sharing your own recollections, pole!

I stayed in the apartments after Duncan Drive off Zink Rd close to the Col Glen Hwy. These were regarding the hilltop above Wright Patterson AFB. The snow drifts are high-up there and any highway approval extra further snowfall over the highway. My husband was actually a student at Wright State and that I worked at Children’s medical center. I found myself leaving for services, the 7am shift, in addition to wind had been blowing so hard that i really could barely open up the vehicle doorway. We returned around to tell my better half i’d drive him to college, the wind had been also strong simply to walk regarding road through the field. We zippped up to Kauffman Ave. following parked the auto in a large number along institution Ave. We knew there have been no vehicles on the highway, in addition to good deal seemed bare, so we turned-on radio stations. But if we had turn off the engine, it can maybe not resume. Due to the rainfall the night earlier, the good deal ended up being an ice piece from temperature fall. We meticulously moved towards the college property and very quickly knew that, although we have around, class ended up being cancelled. We in addition found out that there was no dishes service for several days, it absolutely was much tough than we think. Wright condition have an underground canal program of the means to access each strengthening. We were able to find on healthcare sciences building in which my husband have a key towards pupil lounge zbadaj Е‚Д…cze where we’re able to loosen up quite. We made a decision to be fearless and stroll home through the area because we had merely eliminated food shopping and had lots of dinners. After a lot of hot chocolates, we shot to popularity. It absolutely was the stupidest choice I ever produced. The snow was hip-high on the go, the wind had been blowing over 60 mph. The distance had been over two sports areas. Throughout we regarded as heading back but chose to excersice. We’d to wrap all of our minds with only a sliver observe through. I obviously remember the icicles creating on my eyelashes! Guy it was cool. We had to hold to each other in order to get across due to the wind. We managed to get but couldn’t even get-up the staircase inside toward apartment before relaxing. All of our legs and fingers were numb, luckily for us perhaps not frostbitten, but a tad bit more times might have been poor. No boots or gloves could deal with that icy. A healthcare facility ran on short team for all the few days and would not pick me up. We played notes and video games with our community and contributed all of our dinners together. Whenever we at long last got the automobile, it might switch off at an end sign and I also was required to place it in natural and rev it keeping they supposed. It turned-out the cold damaged the motor block and that got the termination of that automobile. Later on that winter months, my hubby chosen late at night (med children like doctors would be the worst people) which he couldn’t stay the pain sensation in his foot and necessary to visit the medical facility. Our very own next vehicles was actually buried right up beyond the floor. We attempted digging it with just the very long car windows ice scraper, him hobbling on crutches. We had to use moving and as well as changing gear often to go the auto to and fro for quite some time. We ultimately have away, right now it’s 2am and no person is found on the street. Yikes. I remaining Kansas many years later and found the west coastline, making the snow behind. A lot of many years later on, because teens want to ski/snowboard, the snow and ice within Donner move for the Lake Tahoe place is pretty treacherous while the lower from the move could be terrible. But that cold weather in Kansas ended up being the worst!

Wow, exactly what an account! I’m happy you both managed to make it through okay! Thank-you for revealing their blizzard thoughts with our company, Marji!

I was stuck within the blizzard of ’78 with a friend of mine coming back from Minnasota. We spent per week in a rest stop-off the Kansas Turnpike with 50 truck vehicle operators.

I’ve a lot more information and stories if individuals is interested!

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