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hi I am an editor at editage over the next four to five minutes I will be giving you a brief demo about how we edit using a sample file created by editors when a client requests and edit the document is sent to our in-house client servicing team from here depending on the subject matter the document is signed to an editor who has expertise in that particular field when the editor receives the document the first step is to open the file before making a single edit I will turn on track changes by pressing ctrl shift and E on the keyboard this way you can see that new toolbar appears on the screen now before I start editing the document I would like to show you a sample of what track changes looks like here the original text appears in black the edits that are made called insertions will appear in another color as underlying text the deletions will appear as struckout text now let us return to the original document to have an idea of the edits we make in the very first sentence the word fail is inappropriate in this context therefore I will replace it with unbiased which is a more formal substitute as you can see the word fair has been struck out and the inserted word has appeared as underlying text in the same sentence the word but should be replaced with however because this word is more formal and professional which is preferred in academic writing plus there should be a comma after the word however as this word is what we call an introductory element that is a word that introduces more information in the next sentence you see a typographical error in the form of a double-spaced therefore I will delete the space this is a very common typo and it is difficult to spot unless you are a trained editor the next arrow we come to is the word criticism this word is ambiguous and could have two possible interpretations therefore we will put a note to the author informing him of this and providing him with alternative edits one interpretation is that the study has limitations therefore we provide the first or donative the second interpretation is that this was a critical error in the study therefore we provide second revision while let me take authors a little longer to finalize their document because of notes notes ensure that there are no errors in the document in this way I will proceed to read and edit the entire document for language comprehension and attention to detail once I am done with the edit I will send the file back to the client servicing Department from where it will be returned to the client if you require for the information please visit us at edited comm or send in your queries to submissions at editage comm thank you

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